Package javassist.tool

A sample preprocessor and a class file viewer.


Interface Summary
Assistant This is an interface for objects invoked by the Javassist preprocessor when the preprocessor encounters an annotated import declaration.

Class Summary
Compiler This is a preprocessor for Java source programs using annotated import declarations.
Dump Dump is a tool for viewing the class definition in the given class file.

Package javassist.tool Description

A sample preprocessor and a class file viewer.

The preprocessor for running Javassist at compile time. The produced class files are saved on a local disk.

A class file viewer is also provided for convenience. It prints out the constant pool, the methods, and the fields defined in the given class file.

This package is provided as a sample implementation of the preprocessor using Javassist. All the programs except in this package uses only the regular Javassist API; they never call any hidden methods.