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What is KLASY?

KLASY is a dynamic aspect oriented system for the Linux operating system. By using this system, kernel developers can get a log at a specified member access of a structure. Although Linux is written in C programing language, supporting a member access as a point to get a log is important. Since modern operating systems are made with object oriented approach, a member access is often used in their kernels.
Note: KLASY is the continuation of the KLAS project, which supported the FreeBSD kernel instead of Linux. KLASY provides the following important improvements over KLAS: one can refer to local contexts, such as local variables and function arguments, and use target pointcuts, to use references to structures selected by access pointcuts.



Most parts of KLASY are distributed under the new BSD-style license. However, patches for the GNU Compiler Collection, the GNU binutils and KernInst are distributed under their own licenses.



  1. Q: How can I pronounce "KLASY"? Can I call this "crazy"?
    No! We call "KLASY" as "classy", not crazy.

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