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-- Eclipse plug-in for inserting debugging code with light Aspect-oriented programming ( AOP ) --

demonstration(flash 1180KByte)

downloads[released version 1.6.3 on May 20, 2010]


Bugdel is Eclipse plug-in for inserting debugging code to Java code.
Bugdel insert debug code by using Aspect-oriented programming.



    demo(flash 1180KByte)


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How to use

  1. Installation

  2. Specitication of a debugging code insertion position (pointcut specitication)
  3. Description of the debugging code (advice description)
    1. Special Variable
      1. thisJoinPoint.variables
    2. Special method
  4. Insertion a debugging code (weave execution)

  5. Add new field and method(inter-type declaration)
  6. Test method runner
  7. Set breakpoint of Eclipse Java debugger

  8. Setting Default Insert Statement
  9. Copy Liblary


Bugdel: An Aspect-Oriented Debugging System
Yoshiyuki Usui, Shigeru Chiba
First Asian Workshop on AOSD, In Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2005),
IEEE Press, pages 790-795, Taipei, Taiwan, December 2005.   [copy]   [slide(ppt)]     [ACM Site]


Yoshiyuki USUI